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The creation of a custom made wedding dress or cocktail dress takes some time for the initial conception of idea on paper to final realisation. Every dress is carefully crafted taking the client along a bespoke making journey.

To gain the most out of the experience please allow 4-6 months before the event to achieve the best fitting dress finished to the highest standard. If the time frame is shorter please don't hesitate to get in contact, depending on the time of year and your availability, it maybe possible.

Following an initial consultation, you can create a bespoke design or choose a dress from a collection made to your measurements. Once the style, fabric, and trims are chosen measurements are taken and a paper pattern is created from your measurements. 

Finally, a toile of the dress is made from calico. The calico toile is a mock up of the dress where adjustments are made to create the most accurate fit and proportion. Sometimes more than one toile is needed to achieve a precise fit.

Final amendments are made to the paper pattern and the dress is cut from the main fabric. The dress is fitted again before adding trims and embellishments. The final fitting will be close to the day of the big event to achieve the highest standard of fit and perfection.

I create a nurturing and pleasant environment during the bespoke experience to make it more memorable before the big day
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