Can you create my dream dress?

It is possible to create the dress you dreamed about wearing, you will work closely with the designer to interpret your design and create initial sketches that will evolve into a final design. Guidance is given on what style and shape will be most flattering for your figure and suitable colouring and details. This process needs a minimum of 4-6 months to develop and up to 8 fittings to create a dress of the highest standard.


How long does it take to make a couture dress?

On average it takes 4-6 months depending on your availability and the time of year.
For first time customers a minimum of three fittings is required.
During the first visit, the cloth and trimmings are chosen, measurements are taken and the style of the dress are confirmed. A minimum of two further visits are needed for fittings.

What if I don't like the end result and can I change my mind?

The bespoke making process has many stages, initially a toile is made in calico to attain the right fit, if undecided about fabrics and trims this can be decided at a later date. With my depth of knowledge I endeavour to make a dress that is flattering to the body shape and colouring, I will advise otherwise If a design or style is not recommended. Changes can be made in the initial stages until the main fabric is cut.


Can you revitalise my mother's wedding dress?

Yes. I can carry out all bridal alterations and revitalise outmoded styles if the dress has been passed down. I'm highly skilled in couture beading, embroidery and construction, I can also source a wide variety of lace, embellishments and bridal fabrics.


Can I pay for my dress in instalments?

50% deposit of the dress is paid to secure the order. The remaining balance can be paid in smaller payments up until the final fitting.


How do I take care of my couture dress?

All dresses should be specialist or dry cleaned no more than twice a year. Keep the gown well protected in a breathable bag and use a moth net for all wool/silk garments.